Thursday, 1 September 2011

Journal: 113.09.01

There are times, regrettable times, when people just take things a bit too seriously.

The founder of KASDE called up a nullsec alliance friend of theirs who made some very dire threats to Cia about closing the corporation down if we didn't  retract the war against KASDE immediately. Cia being the prudent, level-headed sort that she is realised that this sort of fight isn't what most of the corporation signed up for and agreed to their demands.

If it had been me, I'd have looked the arrogant son of a bitch who threatened us in the eye and started our own wardec against them, then and there. So, it's probably for the best that I'm not the CEO.

Still, I can't help but wonder. Such a threat is more bluff than statement of reality. A corp of that size based in Stain coming all the way to Molden Heath just to station-camp an industrial corporation half their size out of existence? Not going to happen, they'll get bored too quickly. Besides, without the option of deploying capitals they'd have to bring battleship fleets. That means a healthy selection of the big ones like Nightmares and Machariels.

I know from experience that cheap battleships - phoons, dominixes and geddons especially - can happily slaughter one of those ships fast enough that the presence of supporting firepower isn't an issue. You lose all the ships, but you WILL kill the more expensive one and spend less money in the process. spend two hundred million ISK-worth of fully insured hardware, take down a ship worth ten times that much. Do it ten times, twenty, fifty. Make the war disproportionately expensive for them.

Suddenly, their pilots don't much like the idea of coming down our way, and especially not in their big shiny faction battleships. They stop responding to CTAs, which leads to disciplinary problems. They start bringing cheaper ships, which leads to the fleet being less powerful than it looks, which leads to frustrated FCs, who make bad calls or have to yell to shut their pilots up, which makes the fleet even less efficient.

We've got friends and contacts in important places. I can think of at least four people who might be convinced to help an old fellow FLA member out in a tight spot. Big names, too. With a bit of diplomacy we could have brought an angry pod-pilot hammer down on these bastards, outnumbered them five to one, razed them from the map just like they promised to do to us and laughed at them when we finally allowed them to escape, beaten and broken.

It would have been so fitting for the arsehole who set them on us to watch in horror when it didn't work. It would have been justice to make the big schoolyard bully he'd run to for protection watch in mounting incredulity as the corporation he boasted about got stamped flat. It would have been glorious, a legend to go down in the history of New Eden. There would have been songs, poems and holoreels.

That's what I would have done, or lost everything trying. That's what FLA did.

Re-Aw is not FLA. I need to remember that. And for this corp, here and now, backing down was the only sensible response. I'm not happy about it, not happy at all.

But it was the right decision.

Save. End.

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